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Experience day

Visit / counseling
Please come 15 to 20 minutes before the reserved lesson time for explanations and change of clothes. What to bring: Easy-to-move clothes and shoes (free rental shoes are also available)

Change of clothes

After the reception, change into clothes in a clean changing room.

25 minutes lesson

We will explain step by step carefully, so it is safe even for the first time.

After the lesson

If you would like to join after the trial lesson, we will talk about the future.

What to bring during the trial lesson
  • Easy-to-move clothes
  • towel
  • Shoes (can be rented)

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When you start ballroom dancing…

Enjoy at any age

There are various steps in ballroom dancing, from slow to violent movements. It’s not boring because it’s loose, and it’s fun because it’s intense. The gentle steps and the comfort of letting yourself be in the music are fun times for all ages.
A common question is, “I’m 60 now, is it too late to start dancing?” I will answer with confidence.
“It’s not too late!” “Rather, please start for the sake of your future life.”
This is because dancing ballroom dances not only makes you happy, but also makes a positive difference in your body.

Physical changes caused by ballroom dancing

・Promoting healthy life expectancy

Life expectancy of Japanese people is increasing year by year. However, on the other hand, the problem is “healthy life expectancy”.
Even if you can live a long life, if you can’t move your body as you want, the fun of life will be halved.

Ballroom dancing is “the best anti-aging”

Activation of metabolism by moderate exercise, awareness of beauty born from being exposed to the public naturally, and listening to wonderful music and interaction with the opposite sex that naturally makes you look younger than your age by correcting your posture. It can be expected to have various effects such as having a positive effect on hormones.
In fact, most of the people who like ballroom dancing are “beautiful witches” who are seen young when they are 10 to 20 years old.
We are not anti-aging experts, but it does happen naturally. Please try it for yourself!

Ballroom dancing has these effects, so if you’re 60, you’ll be “starting”!
Of course, these effects can be expected even for young people, so it is a hobby that is highly recommended for those who want to obtain anti-aging and beautiful behavior.

Ballroom dancing is a “lifelong exercise”

As mentioned earlier, ballroom dancing can control exercise intensity.
Therefore, regardless of age or gender, it is an exercise that can be continued as a hobby for a lifetime.
One of the charms of ballroom dancing is that you can face it in various ways according to your own life stage and how you enjoy it.

A place to announce ballroom dancing
In ballroom dancing, there are many places to announce the results of daily practice.


Dress up and dance to your favorite songs in your favorite clothes.
It’s a special time with only one pair on the floor. Typical demonstrations are those performed by a couple of students, those performed by a teacher and students, and those performed by multiple people. There are various prices and scales, from luxurious ones performed at the hotel to slightly casual ones performed in the classroom and those performed in the circle. It’s nervous to dance with the floor all to yourself while the dancers are watching, but the exhilaration is hard to change. It’s so special that you should definitely try it!


Using the steps of ballroom dancing, the competition is based on appearance, musicality, technique and charm. The speed and power unique to the competition is a masterpiece while retaining the elegant image of ballroom dancing! Form a couple, practice and discuss, and work toward the competition.
It’s a difficult thing, but that’s why I can’t help but be happy when the results come out. Zest staff have been in the world of competition for a long time and have experienced both joy and regret. From our abundant experience, we will support the athletes who challenge the competition and will carefully guide you so that it will lead to results.

Dance time

Enjoy dancing and talking with various people in basic steps.
Before you get used to it, you may be worried about whether you can dance, but don’t worry too much and let’s dance as you are invited! You can just walk together, or just shake your body to the rhythm without moving a step.
It’s okay if you can spend your time without thinking hard and having fun.

Group lessons, circles

Ballroom dancing is a pair dance, but in group lessons and circles, we learn, dance, and deepen friendships with various people. Many people are worried that they are not good at speaking, but dance itself is a communication tool, so it may be all right. The hurdle feels high only at the beginning! Please participate with courage. You will surely find new fun.

Ballroom dancing is a place where you can increase your friends

Through ballroom dancing, you can increase the number of friends with the same hobby.
It is possible to connect with friends who have a common hobby on the Internet, but the value of friends who can actually meet, talk, and dance is valuable that cannot be obtained online.
The essence of ballroom dancing, as the name implies, is “social”.
Not only do they enjoy dancing, but they also respect the other person through conversation and physical movements and enjoy dialogue.
Even those who are not good at making friends will naturally be able to make friends!

“Learn” fun

Ballroom dancing has a long history, and was popular among royal aristocrats around the 12th century.
It was systematized in England around the 20th century and has led to its present form. Since it is a dance with such a long history, there are “meanings” and “reasons” in various techniques and movements. Not only learning the lasts, but also knowing such deep knowledge will lead to your own improvement, deepen your understanding, and you will be able to enjoy dancing from various perspectives. The fun of “knowing”, the fun of “being able to do” what you know, and the fun of being “evaluated by people” …
We hope that you will enjoy learning through this kind of fun.

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【Telephone reception hours】9:00〜22:00

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Apply on LINE

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Is it okay for the first time?

We also have a group lesson called Beginning Class for beginners, but if you are still uneasy, we recommend one-on-one private lessons. Let’s start comfortably and happily at first.

Can I participate alone?

of course. Most people participate alone.

What should I do with my clothes and shoes?

There is no problem if the clothes are easy to move. Shoes are also available for rental, so please use them.

I would like to visit.

We are always waiting for you during business hours. Please be careful when you come.

Can I choose a teacher to take lessons?

If you have a desired teacher, please feel free to tell us. It is also possible to receive it from multiple teachers. Also, please contact us for any changes later.