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We offer a wide variety of lessons to meet various needs,
from one-on-one private lessons to group lessons with multiple people.

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    Point system

  • Private lesson


    This is a one-on-one lesson with a teacher. We will organize a practice program according to your request, so you can improve most efficiently. Zest's talented teachers promise you to improve you skill! 【Fee for each instructor (25 minutes per lesson)】 Yuki  ¥7,150 Masuda  ¥6,600 Hiroshima ¥7,700 Sueyasu  ¥6,930 Kimura ¥6,380 Sesoko  ¥7,040 Horikawa ¥6,050 Nakata ¥6,050 Sugihara ¥4,950 Ishiwata  ¥7,700 Hamada  ¥6,600 Daimon ¥6,380 ※tax included

    Lecturer in charge:Instructor in charge:Any staff you want

    price:¥4,950 or above for 25-minutes lesson

  • Group lessons


    This lesson is conducted by one or two instructors for multiple students. We have a wide range of courses ranging from beginners' course to athletes' course, so you can find one that suits you best. It's also perfect for you make "dance friends". We are willing to organize a new group lesson according to your request. Please feel free to make a request saying, for example, "I want a course like this."

    Lecturer in charge:Please contact us

    price:Once ¥2,530 / 4 times coupon ¥8,800 / 8 times coupon ¥15,840 (tax included)/Trial ¥2,200

  • U18 Lesson


    Students under the age of 18 can take this course. ・ You can take it at your favorite date and time ・You can choose your favorite tutor ・ Share lessons for up to 4 people ・ 1 lesson (25min) for any teacher ¥2,200

    Lecturer in charge:All

    price:1lesson (25min) ¥2,200 (tax included)

  • Gakuren course


    Those who belong to a ballroom dance club or a circle of a university, and belong to the All Japan Student Dance Federation can sign up for the Gakuren course, where you can gain a privilege of having private lessons and using the lesson floor. Please contact us for details.

    Lecturer in charge:

    price:Please contact us

  • Online lessons


    This is a lesson you can take using Zoom app, so you don't have to visit our lesson floor. With online lessons, you may not feel the real excitement of dancing with a partner. However, you can learn how to improve your dance, and you can receive an answer to your technical questions or any other questions arising from your lessons. Why don't you make good use of your spare time and receive this lesson to improve dance?

    Lecturer in charge:

    price:Please contact us


  • Custom lesson


    This is an ideal lesson course that suits your purpose. Would you like to perform a wedding dance? Would you like to enjoy dancing on a ship? We can customize a lesson for your own purpose.

    Lecturer in charge:

    price:⚫︎Wedding dance course/Dance time course 5times¥22,000/Extra Lesson¥4,950(tax included)

  • Practice field, practice session

    Zest is open to the public on certain days of the week in the morning and evening as a practice area and a place for practice sessions. To practice ballroom dancing, you need a large space where you can move your body freely. Please practice to your heart's content on our spacious floor that is easy on your legs.

    Lecturer in charge:

    price:Please contact us

  • Rental Floor

    Facilities: Wooden flooring, ceiling color lighting, mirror ball    Audio equipment and changing rooms Price: Frame A (weekdays) 6:00 ~ 11:00 / 22:00 ~ 24:00         (Saturdays, holidays, Sunday) 6:00 ~ 9:00     ¥11,000/1hour    Frame B (Saturdays, holidays) 9:00 ~ 11:00 / 18:30 ~ 24:00 (Sunday) 9:00 ~ 24:00     ¥22,000/1hour    Frame C (Weekdays) During business hours     ¥33,000/1hour    ★ When renting, the unit of time that can be used is "1 hour". Frame D 24:00 ~ 6:00 ¥46,200 / 6hours ※Applies to 6 hours of use.

    Lecturer in charge:


  • Start up course


    "I want to start dancing from now on!" It is a recommended course for such people. It is a great course with a total of 5 deals, and you can learn the basic steps of ballroom dancing. Rental shoes are also available, so you can start just by preparing clothes that are easy to move in. If you wish, you can also shoot a video and review the steps after the lesson, so you can rest assured.

    Lecturer in charge:Please contact us

    price:¥14,850 (1 lesson 25 minutes ×5 times

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